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Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

These ceremonies are to reaffirm your vows

This most romantic of days ,when a couple renew their marriage vows

it takes on a similar format to a wedding ceremony

You may like to have this celebration on your wedding anniversary

whether it be one year or sixty years.

Or you may have been married overseas or away from your home town

and decide to have a ceremony when you come home

for your family and friends who were unable to attend.

This can also be a very special time for both of you to reflect and rejoice

in your relationship and recommit to the future with renewed vows .

Together we can recreate your original vows

or create a new ceremony full of personal touches.


Meeting with you to create your perfect ceremony

Your Renewal of Vows Certificate

Provision of my ceremony signing table and chair

and my PA system


Jemma and Chad were married in Chad's hometown in America. One month later they decided to renew their vows in Sydney's Botanical Gardens , inviting Jemma's family and friends some of whom had been unable to attend their original ceremony.

It was a lovely ceremony held in the rotunda on the magnificent foreshore of Sydney Harbor

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