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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to do first?

When you have decided on the date of your wedding an appointment can be made with me to start proceedings.

At your first appointment we will look through my selection of sample wedding ceremonies to help guide you through choosing the wedding ceremony of your dreams.

I will personally weave your ceremony, taking time to ensure it is a true reflection of both of you as a couple. Together we will create your vows or you may even want to write your own vows.

We will go through and discuss at length every aspect of what you as a couple want for your wedding ceremony.

Not forgetting the many details such as music, who if anyone is giving you away, colours, whether family or friends are doing readings and if so then your choice of readings, the positioning of the wedding party and not forgetting if you are having an outdoor wedding an alternate venue in case of rain.

At this meeting I will also ask you to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage form, supplied by me, and then I will witness your signatures. The Notice of Intended Marriage Form must be completed at least one calender month before your wedding

I will also need to sight and record
  • If you were born in Australia your birth certificates,
  • If you were born overseas your overseas birth certificate or passport
  • If you were previously married the decree absolute i.e. divorce papers and or death certificate.
  • A form of photo identification such as your drivers licence

The registration numbers of all of your certificates and paperwork will be recorded on the back of the Notice of Intended Marriage then returned to you.

At our first meeting you will also receive your Statement of Fees and I will provide you with a brochure called’Happily Ever Before & After - Important Information For People Planning To Marry’

This brochure includes information on marriage education, counselling, changing your name, taxation, wills, joint ownership and legal obligations.

 What about our marriage certificate? 

The official marriage certificate, the marriage register and your marriage certificate will be prepared by me, prior to your wedding.

All three certificates will be duly signed by me, yourselves and your two witnesses on your wedding day

I will retain the marriage register , the official certificate will be sent by me to the Department of Births Deaths and Marriages and I will present your ceremony certificate to you on you on your wedding day along with a presentation copy of your ceremony

If you wish following the wedding a copy of the official marriage certificate can be obtained by you on request from the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages.

Can our witnesses be family members?    

Yes as long as you have two witnesses over the age of 18

Can we be married anywhere we like?

Yes, there is no limit to your choice of venues. My courtyard garden is also available to free of charge for smaller ceremonies

Can we be married in whatever clothes we like? 

 Yes, I am happy to fit in with whatever theme you may choose

Can we write our own ceremony ?

Yes you can and I am happy to help you with this.

Can our friends read a poem ? 

Yes family and friends can become a part of your ceremony by doing a reading, giving a blessing or reciting a poem. I have many poems reading and blessings to choose from or you may have your own something special you wish to have read.

Do we have to have wedding rings? 

 No, you can both exchange rings, just one can give the other a ring or you do not need to exchange rings at all 

Can I be given away by a person who is not a member of my family?     

 Yes you may choose to be given away by someone special to you or not to be given away at all.

How long is the ceremony?   

The length of the ceremony varies, budget anywhere from approximately 30 minutes to one hour or more

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