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Commitment Ceremonies

These are delivered without gender

or religious bias.

They are not legally recognised as a marriage

but are nevertheless a very real commitment

 by the two people involved.

It is a public proclamation of the feelings shared by

 two people who love each other,

who perhaps cannot, or do not wish to, enter into a legal marriage.

A Commitment Ceremony enables you to make this statement

in the presence of special family and treasured friends.

 A Certificate of Commitment is presented to the couple at the conclusion of the ceremony.

 I can design a ceremony to suit your needs,

your lifestyle and your beliefs.

I have many Ceremonies and Rituals to choose from such as

Sand Blending Ceremony, Rose ceremony , Handfasting Ceremony,

Unity Candle Ceremony & many more.


Meeting with you to create your perfect ceremony

Your Commitment Certificate

Provision of my ceremony signing table, chairs

and my PA system

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